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About Firstlink

Founded in 2004, Firstlink Sdn Bhd, a MSC-status company, and aggressive e-Business solutions provider focuses in serving its customers an affordable, ease-of-use, on-demand Customer Relationship Management software applications, to businesses of all sized which seeking for success in the turbulent economies. Our mission is to help companies to develop more responsive, personalize and profitable customer experiences. It features the latest in sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service & support technologies in a single and mobile accessible business management system.

Front Mover in CRM On-demand

We are the front mover to offer CRM on-demand in Malaysia. We perfected the hosted solutions model, and built a robust architecture that facilitates the efficient and effective delivery of CRM application via the Web. So Firstlink customer can make productive use of their IT budgets and resources, while leveraging a scalable and agile platform that easily adapt as requirement changes. Customers pay for the application at a monthly subscription basis. There are no hardware and software to install; our solutions delivered over the Internet bringing anytime, anywhere access with nothing more than a browser.

Features and Benefits

Firstlink CRM application automates customer facing processes and benefits clients by improving marketing effectiveness, increase sales win rates, enhancing customer service levels, growing customer share and decreasing customer churn. It delivers a single, integrated, hosted business system which provides a holistic view of the customer relationship and consolidates front office and back office information for complete and real-time enterprise-wide visibility.

Customer Satisfaction

Firstlink places strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The solution comes complete with a wide range of free training and support services, as well as best practices guidance. Additionally, Firstlink CRM solutions are continuously enhanced and improved, and those upgrades are available to client at no cost.


To provide an IT competitive advantage for businesses to manage the life cycle relationships of their clients, by profitably managing their acquisition, growth and retention value.


To be the one stop IT business partner that offers access to a Relationships Management System that provides a total solution, which is easy to use, affordable and flexible to meet the changing business needs of our clients.